I'm Based in Orange county, California. my poems explore modern life through and through.


That we exist seems to be a point of contention.

So the boy I walked by did not have electric blue hair nor did he smell of patchouli.

Fuck Schrödinger’s cat, cats are all assholes anyways. So if this fake cat died from hydrocyanic acid, that’s one less cat to worry about.

Wait. Was it the force or the light that’s supposed to be with me?

Has anyone outside the Indian subcontinent ever played a harmonium, I mean a real one, real well?

My body hurts. That must mean something.

Quentin Tarantino thinks his movies are concerned with accurate portrayals of fucked up things.

Come on Lear, who divides their kingdom into three parts to give away before they die?

Some words just hit you with their wordiness. Interstitial.

So Karma’s this thing that’s supposed to ‘get you’ if you believe in it, sounds like the problem is believing.

No, it’s in the blood, all of it, in the blood.

Why does everything have to go back to the Greeks?

You can convert it to Celsius all you want; it won’t help you understand heat.


تو قدر آب چه دانی که در کنار فراتی