I'm Based in Orange county, California. my poems explore modern life through and through.

A Woman

A Woman

A woman is not a tame creature

She is not the sum of all your suppression

She will not wilt, tilt, guilt her way through your psyche

She is not a burden


A woman is not polar magnetism

She is not garish or garnish or sweet apple pie

A woman is not the sum of your repression

She does not equalize

She is not alkaline


A woman is a beauteous thing in nature

Something like an eternal spring

Not soft and dewy

But always remaking


A woman blessed you or aborted you

She is the will

A woman rejected you

She held you still

A woman, a woman, a woman

Made you everything


And now woman you have made into dart board

You have made woman into desire

You have made woman into fishnet hopes


A woman is your better

Let me say that again

A woman is your better

A woman is the better


She will let you forget that fact

She will swaddle you when you deserve a punch in the fucking face

She will punch you in your fucking face


A woman achieved something today

She breathed you in and didn’t choke

A woman is more than a receptacle

A woman is the history of the gracious runner up

A woman knew she won anyway


A woman took in your wash

A woman made you breakfast

A woman tangoed in Madrid

A woman brushed your hair

A woman made love to you roughly


A woman is something like that morning you swore thing would change

تو قدر آب چه دانی که در کنار فراتی