I'm Based in Orange county, California. my poems explore modern life through and through.

تو قدر آب چه دانی که در کنار فراتی

Somewhere in Afghanistan there is a donkey who does not know the

meaning of Afghanistan.


a four letter noun, always capitalized.

What happens to words when capitalized?

Is it something like a promotion,

or the home field advantage?

In German

all nouns are capitalized.

In American

it means you were born special.

Somewhere in America there is an opportunity,

and militant becomes a reflexive pronoun.

Who knows what money will do if left to its own devices?

It may pull out the griddle on weekends,

make pancakes for its significant other.

Console them after a rough day.

Kisses make things better,

Waterboarding makes things better.

It is the duality of existing,

or heartburn.

Muslims don't believe in charging interest,

they believe in circumcisions.

And make bread like pancakes,

but they would never call them pancakes.

This is what language does,

it gives you pancake-like things.

It is the existential quandary of terrorists,

and that girl you dated,

the one with the stars tattooed on her foot,

cuz let's be honest, who doesn't like stars?

Is there such a person?

They may exist in a field overlooking the moon,

like a painting by Magritte,

or as your cousin calls him, Margret.



A Woman

A Woman